Our Story

Aminorip Factory Racing, which officially launched in 2017, was created to showcase the passion of amateur athletes that aim higher, push their limits, and make a positive impact on the community. It’s a lifestyle embedded with individuals whose foundation lies on acceptance, respect, and on creating a safe haven for its members and those around us, regardless of age, race, gender, origin, or ethnicity. In our team we have a saying, “la pinta is everything”.  Pinta as a reflection of your attitude and your personality mixed with good taste and impeccable style. But most importantly, la pinta is about feeling good in your own skin, and owning it. We encourage an atmosphere of inclusion where all our members can shine their own pinta and feel represented in the community. 

As a brand based in South Florida, it’s important that we showcase the lively, dynamic and diverse community that surrounds us. The Hispanic and Latin-American community are under represented in our sport and female riders are still being marginalized as top contenders. We want to eliminate this exclusion and make way for a different group of like-minded athletes that share the same love for this wonderful sport.

We also aim to highlight athletes that race for a cause. That’s why we proudly race with our partners Extra Sweet, a Non Profit Organization that helps provide medical supplies to young kids with Type 1, to raise awareness and show the world that nothing is impossible. 

Our Aminorip athletes Refuse to Lose in all areas of their lives. But Refusing to Lose is not something that can be chosen at the flitch of a switch. It’s a mindset that these athletes cultivate through the ups and downs of their career. 

Here’s the thing about our amateur athletes: what they do is out of love for the sport, not for any retribution. They focus on the experience, on engaging in a healthy competition with no one other than who they were the day before. And they do this all while owning their pinta and embracing the diverse community in which we all live in. Regardless of where you are in South Florida, you see a fellow cyclist sporting the big Aminorip letters and you immediately know that you are part of something bigger; you are part of a family.