Aminorip 2.0

Aminorip 2.0

Brand Revamp

The development of our brand has been a roller coaster ride. If you’ve followed us from the beginning, you probably know what we’re talking about. Logo changes, bottle alterations, even our look and feel. But one thing has definitely stayed consistent, and that is our product formulation that has been tried and tested throughout the years. Above all, we are focused on the quality of our products and are constantly on the quest to improve and perfect what we offer. We are all about what goes behind the scenes.  

But let’s be honest… changing our facade during the years has been fun. Working with different designers, going with different and quirky ideas, basically having the flexibility (and freedom) to be sporadic and spontaneous is something we have enjoyed.  

Before you meet the new addition that is certainly here to stay, let’s take you to the beginning and show you Aminorip throughout the years. 

2009: "Started From the Bottom"

2009 was a memorable year. Obama was sworn in as president, Cristiano Ronaldo made his debut for Real Madrid, and the highest-grossing film of all time, Avatar, was released in the US. On a much smaller scale, this is actually the year we launched Aminorip. You can thank Mr. Hernandez, or commonly known as Joyto, for spearheading the launch of our parent company’s Sport Division with the introduction of the brand. 

Aminorip was launched to fit the need for safe and effective products in the fitness world. Working on the clinical side with nutritionists, dietitians, and doctors made us realize just how poor the fitness supplement industry was and how misinformed consumers were when it came to what to put in their bodies.   

The mindset was, if we were offering the best possible formulations to diabetic, renal, bariatric, and cancer, among other, patients, why don’t we try and replicate this and tailor it to a different set of consumers that are craving this type of product?  

Athletes need to recuperate, support their joints, and fuel their bodies. The exercise is so strenuous that they can literally wear off. High quality protein, like the one we make, is exactly what can aid in their performance. 

BOOM - Aminorip came to life! 

Phase 1: "Young, Wild & Free"

Our look was rough. We were bold, in your face, and were out to break the status quo. Our logo was BIG AND YELLOW. The font was large. Our bottles were dark and had a shiny yellow foil. Our slogan was “Pure Protein. Right Now”, accompanied by “Fuel Your Performance”. If that doesn’t scream “We’re here and we’re the new kids on the block” I don’t know what will. 

Representing us was our long-lasting love, the molecule. We added that molecule anywhere we could. Yes, we are called Aminorip and yes, our protein contains all amino acids. It was cool and never-seen before. It reflected science and research. These were sports supplements backed by many years of trial and error. Although new to our consumers, this was second nature to us. 

We targeted the body builders, cross fitters, and boxing crowd. Our consumers were serious athletes, most of which lifted heavy and had a strong need for a recovery supplement.  

Phase 2: "All I Do Is Win"

After a while, the name “Aminorip” was gaining traction among athletes, especially in the South Florida area. Our look and feel stayed the same, but we adapted a new slogan, “Refuse to Lose”.  

You see, our founder, Joyto, was a triathlete. Many of his friends were supporting him by supporting the business, but it swiftly caught on. More and more triathletes engaged in the “Refuse to Lose” mindset. We started making cycling and racing kits, until team Aminorip became a thing.  

By now, we were present at Ironmans, national triathlons and marathons, and international events. Our yellow, baggy, and “in your face” presentation was working.  

We didn’t change our products, we didn’t change our formulations, and we didn’t change what was behind the scenes. We remained true to what we were at our core.  

Phase 3: "Hold On, We're Going Home"

One thing we started to notice was how, even though our products were for everyone, we were being associated with the rockstar athletes. To be fair, this is a great association. Our brand was being used by great cyclists, runners, and overall endurance athletes.  

But we had swept away from what we wanted. Our focus was fitness. Doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or a veteran, if you’re into fitness we want you to know us and we want to help you. We knew we had to make a change, and so we did. 

Lo and behold, the “New Aminorip” (remember we’re still in phase 3) 

Our logo was no longer big and bulky. It became much simpler and cleaner. No more crazy yellows. We adapted the classic black and white which, in its entirety, is longstanding and traditional. Never goes out of style. 

We changed our slogan to “Nutrition. Lifestyle. Fitness.” Three words to describe exactly what we do. We offer you the nutrition you need to enhance your lifestyle and your fitness goals.  

We changed our bottles. Smaller is better; so, we adapted a new slim 16oz bottle. Black and with our pops of color, our brand was coming back to life. New packaging and fresh labels, a new, cleaner look and feel.  

Phase 4: "So Fresh and So Clean, Clean"

At this point, we are no longer a “startup”. It’s time to get serious. 

Brand recognition by having “Aminorip” at the front and center of all of our products can now take a back seat. We have our loyal audience, but many people still don’t know what we do. When you see a bottle, do you really know what’s inside? “Aminorip Protein”, okay? Let’s change, once again. 

Our choice to refresh our brand goes beyond aesthetics. Our consumers are evolving, and we must evolve with them. Our consumers are curious and informed about what they put in their bodies. They are in the search for high-quality ingredients that will impact their nutrition, performance, and recovery. We need to make sure we are communicating effectively.  

When you buy, for instance, Aminorip Protein, it’s not just protein. It’s pure collagen protein, hydrolyzed into its simplest form of amino acids. Now, this is front and center in our label. No guessing. No distractions. It’s just collagen protein and we want you to know that. Our new labels represent our goal for the future. To be bold, informative, and leave the ish’ aside.  

In terms of packaging… for quite some time our identity has been changing. This was reflected in the different packaging we adapted throughout the years. But not anymore. When we went to the root of who we are, we are simply Aminorip. We are trendy, yet classic; hip, yet firm; eager to change, yet stuck to what is close to home.  

Our new, black “bomb” bottle is strong, durable, and easier to open. Plus, it makes a statement. Hard on the outside, but purposeful on the inside. Sounds a lot like us. 

Final Phase: "I Can See Clearly Now"

Welcome to our final phase. We’ve made some big changes throughout the years, but this one’s really the one that got to us.  

Black “bomb” bottles, clean labels, black and white look with pops of colors, great, simple logo… what is there to do now?  

For starters, we’re changing our logo back to what it was, “Fuel Your Performance”. After numerous conversations, Aminorip is a performance brand. You take our products, mainly, to enhance performance. Whether for recovery, ongoing endurance, or just as fuel for your body, this slogan really represents what we do. And we’re proud of that. 

For over 10 years the molecule has been our pet. We love it. It represents everything good about us. A molecule is a group of atoms bonded together. We have brought science, fun, research, efficiency, and results to our brand. We have been lucky to bring together an amazing group of people into our growing Aminorip family.  

But we’re putting our beloved molecule on the side and making way for something new.  

Introducing our new “Aminorip”, with our new “A” which you will start to see in our merchandise and gear. 

Why the A? 

No brainer, “A” for Aminorip. As simple as that. But is it really? 

Aside from being the first letter in the alphabet, “A” usually symbolizes quality and excellence. At school, kids always aim for that “A”. “Grade A” meat is undeniably the best. And we don’t want to be cocky, we are not saying that we are the best. But we will always strive for that “A”; we will always aim for perfection and progression, regardless of what we do. 


Plus, our “A” has that “rip” effect in the letter, so it looks pretty cool, too.